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1- Cambridge Professional Certification-(190)

2- Cambridge Diploma in English Language-(160)

3- Cambridge Diploma In Business - ( 150)

4- Cambridge  Certificate  Soft Skills - ( 120)



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Learning Options:


There are 3 options to pay for your CCL online courses :

1- Instructor Lead Learning [ILL]


2- eLearning (Online ) [EL]


3- Distance Learning (Paper Based )[DL]



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CCL provide the following learning options:


1- Instructor Lead Learning [ILL]

Students are required to attend a location where an instructor delivers the training face to face or inside a classroom with other students (Available through CCL Affiliates).


2- eLearning (Online ) [EL]

Students can purchase a training materials and activity online, access and complete the course online.


3- Distance Learning (Paper Based )[DL]

Students can book the product online. With distance learning CCL will send learning materials to the students for completion on receipt of full payment and he can learn in his own place and time without the need of internet access.


You can study any of CCL Programs course online , in class or paper based and course materials will be sent by mail or email depending on which you choose. Whichever route you go you will need access to a computer for email and internet research. One of the benefits of study with us is that you get the whole course in one batch so you can decide exactly how you go about study, at what speed and when you start the process.


You will get full support either online or through our affiliates.


Students who complete any of CCL course program will receive a graduate credits from Cambridge College as well as a detailed CCL Certificate.








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