CCL provide the following learning options:


1- Instructor Lead Learning [ILL]

Students are required to attend a location where an instructor delivers the training face to face or inside a classroom with other students (Available through CCL Affiliates).


2- eLearning (Online ) [EL]

Students can purchase a training materials and activity online, access and complete the course online.


3- Distance Learning (Paper Based )[DL]

Students can book the product online. With distance learning CCL will send learning materials to the students for completion on receipt of full payment and he can learn in his own place and time without the need of internet access.



The Instructor Lead Learning [ILL] - In class is Available through CCL Affiliates . If you are seeking this type of learning please contact our affiliates bellow:-


Arkaweet - Nakheel Street Extension

Khartoum , Sudan
Tel( 249)183-521313
Fax ( 249)183-521312

Web Site-

Madina Road- South of Hira’a Street
Sakura Plaza - 1st floor – Office 104

Jeddah- Saudi Arabia
Tel: 0122572277 – 0122572288
Mobile: 0500362277 – 0500362288


Web Site :



If you are using an agent that you have found to be both professional and ethical and you would like to pass their details on, please email us at



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